alt.Honors Courses

Your way to earn transferable real-life credit for courses you take at the University of Illinois


What kinds of courses are alt.Honors courses?

The first type of courses being certified as alt.Honors are cross-discipline courses that emphasize creating things as a way of learning. Such courses have final projects or a series of projects that students work on to fulfill course requirements.

Creativity rules!

alt.Honors courses recognize creativity as equal in value to knowledge acquisition. Learning facts, concepts, and how to think about things are important. But alt.Honors recognizes what you do with the knowledge.

Knowledge Acquisition

It is important to acquire knowledge in order to have a foundation for creative action. But knowledge can come through various sources: through taking classes at school, through self-study, or through contact with others whose knowledge you soak up. 

Learning by Doing

Learning is not all through studying books and text materials, or through working through equations. Experiential Learning is the term for learning through doing: you internalize ideas and solidify concepts by planning a project and carrying it through to completion.

Digital Badges

alt.Honors students will be able to earn digital badges through CITL, the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

There is more information to come about this as we develop this part of the alt.Honors program. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on our progress. 

Learn more about OpenBadges at UIUC by clicking the image above.