Nancy Parker, Mary Rhodes, and Jean Hinton from The Reading Group talk with our class.
Students pictured are Anya, Emily, and Jingyu.

DANC 451 was visited by Jean Hinton, Mary Rhodes, and Nancy Parker from The Reading Group yesterday. We had a far-ranging and interesting discussion about dyslexia, covering topics such as how many people have it in varying degrees, how it manifests itself differently in different people, and how to teach reading to children with dyslexia. Other topics mentioned were legislation about dyslexia, the various curricula for teaching children with dyslexia, and the feelings of anxiety and depression and failure that often accompany dealing with dyslexia in social and learning situations. The student took an active interest in the topic and were interested in pursuing some areas, notably training or awareness for teachers who have children with dyslexia in their classrooms, and large motor movement as a learning method.

We were excited to have our first non-profit visit our class to begin our journey of Social Change through Motion/Media Arts + Technology. Students are now going to brainstorm ideas to add value to The Reading Group by furthering their mission in some way through an Arts Technology project.